Family and friends - abba's heart group

We're not just here for those who experience SSA but also for you, their friends and families. We recognise that being a Christian means that you want your loved ones to have the same relationship with God that you have and it can be tough when someone we love sees their SSA as a barrier to faith.  

Equally we know that walking with a family member who is SSA, yet wants to remain faithful to God's teaching on sex can be a lonely walk, and we want to encourage you and connect you with others who are on the same journey as you.  That's why we set up our Abba's Heart group.

Mixed Orientation Marriage

if you are in a mixed orientation marriage, you are both welcome to join our Transformed International group to help build you up spiritually. Support is also available on a one to one basis for both members of the marriage focusing on your own individual pastoral needs and accountability.
To join this group or for more information please fill out our contact form or email:

parents, grandparents and siblings

If you are a parent, sibling or friend of someone struggling with issues of sexuality and faith we would love to offer you support, to listen to your concerns and pray with you and for you.
Get in touch for a confidential chat, fill out our contact form or email:

Friends / pastors

If you are a friend or supporter of one of our Transformed International members you are welcome to join them on the weekly Zoom anytime, and there will be some spaces available at the annual retreat for our friends and families.  
We are also happy to have a confidential chat, to help answer any questions you may have about sexuality and faith.  To join our  weekly call or for more information please fill out our contact form or email:

wall of prayer

Prophesy has been spoken over the LGBTQ community, that many lives will be saved for Jesus. We are believing in this promise and have our own prayer wall of names who we pray for weekly and are believing for them becoming a testimony of God's transforming love.
With 200+ names already on our wall we are committed to praying weekly for out loved ones.  If you would like us to pray for anyone who you would like to see walking with Jesus, please email us their name and we will add them to the wall.