June farrant

Chair of Trustees
Our Chair of Trustees, June is an amazing Spirit filled woman of God, who brings much experience from the mission field. She was a member care manager for a global Christian charity and worked on the HR core group for Global Connections. As such she brings much experience in HR, safeguarding and operational management, but much more than that, she is steeped in prayer and brings wise guidance and discernment to the work of Transformed. 

Jennifer goulden

A founder trustee and another awesome woman of God, Jennifer jointly headed up the Lay Witness movement with her husband Alan and brings a wealth of experience to the ministry. Jennifer is passionate about nurture and discipleship and has been a driving force in our project leader's life as she has continued to provide her with nurture and accountability on a personal basis.  Jennifer brings much spiritual wisdom and maturity to our work and we are grateful for her immense experience. 

Jim mcnamara

Jim is from Scotland and has been involved with the ministry since the early days.  He has immersed himself in supporting our Transformed International group, working closely with the men through our "Men who Talk" project which highlights the importance of good mental health.  Jim is a psychiatric nurse and counsellor and has great empathy and compassion. Jim is insightful and wise and adds great value to the trustees as he brings his passion and vision to the group 

Ray Borrett

Originally from Zimbabwe and having grown up in South Africa, Ray is a Methodist Minister, currently striving hard to support the local church in Cornwall as Methodism undergoes much change.  Ray  is committed to the Remaining Faithful lobby  who seek to promote and honour a holy sexual ethic in the Methodist denomination. Ray is passionate to grow with Transformed, and is well positioned to advise us on reaching church leaders with our training and support services.