finding community

You are not alone! Wherever you are in your journey, whether you are just dipping a toe in the water and exploring faith, or whether you have been a Christian for many years, we are a community of like minded Christians who just want to support and encourage each other. Consider yourself invited to join one of our TBGL groups.  We are simply a group of like-minded Christians who have freely chosen to be “Transformed by God’s Love”.

Each of us are at a different stage in our journey to wholeness, we have members who are still challenged every day by their sexual feelings, and members who have experienced complete transformation, one of whom has been married to his gorgeous wife for over 25 years. What binds us together is our passionate love for Jesus and our recognition that God has hand-picked each of us to be in his family, and to receive his love, grace and mercy as we respond in obedience to his word. We recognise that transformation is possible because of the love of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to live holy lives, pleasing to God, to be transformed from glory to glory as we journey with Jesus.

weekly meet ups

We are open to Christians from around the world. There are four meet ups each week via Zoom, where we encourage and pray for each other, whilst also studying the Bible and worshipping together. Why not check it out, please get in touch for details.   If you would rather have a chat with one of our team first, that's no problem we can sort that out too!


Discipleship is core to our Ministry. we offer nurture courses for new Christians, discipleship courses such as “Freedom in Christ” and the Discipleship course for young adults.  Members are also invited to our annual retreat, where they can meet others, grow in their love for Jesus and experience the move of the Holy Spirit. 


BREAKING THE CYCLE OF PORN - Covenant Eyes is the #1 App for quitting porn. and we offer free access to all our members.  You can either use us as your accountability partner or nominate your own Pastor or Church Leader.  But it's not just porn where people struggle and we offer accountability partners for those struggling in other areas of their life. 


Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples.  As such we have mentoring for individuals or small groups and are constantly sowing into emerging leaders to ensure the growth of this Ministry as well as the support of others.

annual retreat

Members are also invited to our annual retreat, where they can meet others, grow in their love for Jesus and experience the move of the Holy Spirit.  Currently the Retreat is held in the UK, but there are plans to branch out as the group expands.

the transformed APP

Keep up to speed with our schedule, all our teaching notes, video testimonies, prayer requests and bonus media.  Catch up with other members of the group through the messaging function and receive important updates straight to your device.