How it all started...

Sarah Sedgwick established Transformed Ministries in 2019 after having committed her life to Christ in 2015. Her commitment came after much wrestling with God over what his word teaches about homosexuality. After seeking for some months she finally received the conviction of the Holy Spirit that God’s word is truth, recognising that his desires for sexual relationships as being a gift for the marriage of one man and one woman, is clearly taught in the Bible.

Sarah is passionate about transforming lives, and she actively seeks to share her contagious faith with an uncompromising compassion for those who sincerely seek freedom from sin, shame and condemnation.

Her speaking engagements combine elements of her personal testimony of walking out of a lesbian relationship with sound biblical teaching on how to live an abundant life of freedom through faith in Christ Jesus.

Two fold passion

Sarah has a two-fold passion which stem from her own journey to freedom:

1. Supporting churches and those with family or friends who are experiencing this immense struggle with sexuality and faith. To help you connect with God’s heart for those who are same sex attracted and equip you to walk alongside them as they explore God’s word and discover the freedom that Jesus Christ offers us all.
2.  Supporting those who are living with same sex attraction but want to also explore what having a relationship with God is all about.  I want  to support you as you seek God's will for your life and as you take that first step of faith.  It’s not a gay to straight thing, it’s a lost to saved thing, an incredible journey that requires support, prayer and accountability.

Let's hear from sarah

Having spent all of my adult life in same sex relationships I struggled to know where God fitted into my life despite having been brought up going to church.  Consequently, I tried to go it alone, turned my back on God and thought nothing of it.  But God was still thinking about me and at the age of 48, I finally listened and at last I got it.  I got that he loved me, had loved me all my life and was willing to forgive me for all my sins.  I am excited about sharing the story of my ongoing journey in order to help all those who want to explore their own relationship with God, whatever their past, whatever their journey.