An international community

One thing that I found the hardest when I chose to follow Jesus was that my choices meant leaving the past behind.  The LGBT community I had run with all my adult life no longer embraced me.  My choice to follow Jesus meant I was shunned, I found myself in that void of not being able to look back, yet as I looked forward, I saw no obvious way to fill the void.  No offence meant to my church family, but they had no idea how to embrace me in my loneliness, how to become family, community and best friend rolled into one.

As I chatted to a couple of other members of our TBGL family this week, (TBGL is an international group of SSA Christians who meet regularly to grow in our faith), I was so blessed to hear them talk about how important this group had become to them, they even spoke of the verse in Psalm 68 which says - "God puts the lonely in families."

We recognised that while we had all come a long way, unless you have walked this path as an ex-gay Christian, you cannot understand the pressure, the loss and the challenges in the same way as a fellow SSA Christian who is somewhere along the same journey as you.
TBGL started as a peer support group, but it soon became a family; a safe space to be honest and open about our feelings and a place of encouragement.  We laugh together, we cry together, we are Aaron and Hur to each other when needed.  What's so beautiful is that we are all growing in our faith as we follow discipleship courses together and meet weekly to study God's word.

If you, like us, have chosen to follow Jesus and journey towards holiness you are welcome to join this growing group of Christians from around the world.  Do get in touch we would love to hear your story.