TBGL groups, don't take our word for it

What is TBGL and why should I join?

TBGL groups meet regularly to study the Bible together, to share testimony of how God is working in our lives, to wrestle over some difficult topics, and to pray for each other, encouraging each other through the ups and downs of life.  The one thing that we all have in common is that we have walked through sexual brokenness or are close friends or family members of someone on that journey.  If you are someone who fits into that picture we're convinced that you will find an amazing community where you can be authentic and open, a community where you will be loved , where you can talk about absolutely anything with no fear of judgement or condemnation.  

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our members say about TBGL!

1. It's a place of renewing. Alison - England
2. Nothing but God's miracle. Paresh - India
3. This is a tribe of priests in the making. Rita - California
4. A place you can be yourself.  Kathryn - England
5. A community of pilgrims on a journey of transformation together.  Patrick - Florida
6. A nurturing spiritual journey of love support learning and character development.  Aaron - India
7. It's somewhere I'm excited to grow closer to Christ.  Elize - South Africa
8. It's a place of renewed hope.  Darren - Northern Ireland
9. A group of overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.  Ravonne – Indiana
10. Church, community, family, all rolled into one; a group I simply don't want to miss each week.  Sarah - England
11. Determined, God loving and so liberating.  Michele- Jamaica
12. A life transforming community that helps you focus not on the problem but on Jesus.  Yef - Florida
13. A loving group of non-judgmental people who listen care and understand. Joanne- England
14. A scriptural group of Christians supported, loved and encouraged by godly leadership. Dave - England
15. Family.  Paul - Northern Ireland

And we think that these are 15 amazing reasons to consider joining one of our weekly groups.  

If this sounds like the type of community you would like to be in, don’t do this alone.  We would love to welcome you to the family and be part of your story!  Contact tbglministry@gmail.com for more information on all our discipleship and nurturing activities.





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