Wolves in sheep's clothing

False teaching is prevalent amongst Christians today and it is heart breaking to see some of the social media groups who are leading the way when it comes to false teaching on sexuality.  It’s so easy to see how teenagers are being conned into believing that the Bible is affirming of homosexuality, because of the way the text is being presented.

When I myself was searching for truth, I spent a lot of time weighing up both sides of the argument for and against gay Christianity.  I could find texts and teachings that were compelling from both sides when taken in isolation.  Yet when I considered the bigger picture, there was no persuasive argument of man that could convict me that God had not made things clear in his word.
Consider this, there is only absolute truth, we cannot fall for the lie that there is relative truth.  So either God said that homosexual behaviour is wrong in his sight, or he said it is right; no middle ground.  So did God say it was right or wrong?  I suggest you read the Bible for yourself and see what you think, ignoring the theological gymnastics that many authors take part in; get close and personal with God to see what he says.

But don’t stop there, read the Bible with your teenagers, start conversations with them that allow them to look into this question for themselves.  We don’t need to spoon feed them the answers, but if we don’t have conversations with them, who will?  For some ideas on how to start those conversations check out our resources – click here.

If you are reading this as a non-Christian, please remember that those of us who are Christians have made a commitment to follow Jesus because we want to, and therefore we choose to follow his blueprint for moral and healthy living; that’s why reading the Bible and interpreting it well is important to us.

1 John 2:17, NIV: The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.