Waiting for Damascus Road

Pete Greig writes a great book about unanswered prayer, which has also been made into an easily accessible course online – The Prayer Course II – unanswered prayer.  He talks about the wrestle with huge issues, for him his wife's battle with illness, and the cry of a heart when we feel abandoned by God.

Every week faithful parents from around the world are meeting to pray for their children who have chosen to find their identity in things other than Jesus Christ.  There is often much heartbreak, not simply because the child is choosing not to follow God, but because choices they are making are painful to watch, and sometimes life changing.  It can often feel like a wrestle with God, and frequently, the cry of our hearts is, “why are you not answering me?”

If we are honest, we want that Damascus Road moment; the sudden falling of scales from the eyes and the child phoning up saying, “a miracle happened and I found Jesus!”  But realistically, how often do conversions take that shape and form?  It’s often the little things, the seeds planted, that start to shoot and grow.  The improved communication, the openness to meeting up, the receiving of our love are all signs.  We pray for the lessening of impact from the world around them, the influence of Christian voices in workplaces or universities, the softening of their heart to explore and debate the Christian worldview and of course dreams, visions, signs and wonders will always be requested in our desire for them to be saved.

There is no greater encouragement I can give than to persevere in prayer and find like minded Christians to walk and pray with you.  Come as you are, there’s no need to hide the tears or carry shame.  Find your community, one where you can focus on Abba’s heart for you and your child, and trust that he is working, you just can’t see the outcome yet.
Every Christian I know who has left the LGBTQ+ community for Christ and who was brought up in a Christian home, will tell you that they knew God was pursuing them.  They held out until eventually the love of the Father overwhelmed them and they turned towards his love.

The same is true of your child, God pursues them relentlessly, keep strong in your faith and prayer life, even when it feels like you are on your own.  And when you can’t pray, find others to be your Aaron and Hur, to hold your arms in the midst of the battle until you have the victory.

To find an Abba’s Heart group contact us tbglministry@gmail.com





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