Products of Conversion Therapy??

As Christians we live in challenging times, for members of the Rev12 project none more so than when we tell someone that we are former LGBTQ+.  This immediately brings challenges and assumptions; the usual assumption being that we have been subjected to some kind of conversion therapy.  Of course, most people don’t actually understand what is meant by that term, they have simply been indoctrinated into believing that sexual fluidity is fine, as long as it’s from straight to gay.  When presented with someone changing from gay to straight the assumption is that something was done to force us to change. Truth is, every one of the artists involved in our project freely chose to follow Jesus over and above their sexual identity.

The misconception about our stories is one of the reasons we set up the Rev12 project. We wanted a means to showcase true testimony of how many former LGBTQ+ have been transformed by God’s love.  As you take a look at the art, read the poems, listen to the songs and watch testimony you will develop a much greater understanding of what makes us tick, and why we chose this new path.  It may also help you recognise the different paths that led us into homosexuality in the first place.

Isaiah 61 talks of being given beauty for ashes, joy for mourning and praise for despair and that is what you will see from every artist.  Jesus has taken their brokenness, their despair and mourning and turned it into an amazing story of beauty.

Whatever your background, Christian or non-Christian, straight or gay, we invite you to spend a while reading our stories.  Our desire is to evoke conversation, to challenge society’s view of normal, to encourage debate, to open the door to a new culture of tolerance for faith-based beliefs, and to offer an alternative to the fiercely held views that sexual orientation is inborn and will never change.

We love you, and it’s true, we may not always see eye to eye, but let’s set aside our differences and enjoy this journey of exploration together.

Visit the Rev12 Project to see for yourself!