The Battle belongs to the Lord

As Christians we are aware that there is a spiritual battle, a “good v evil” if you like.  God, who is good, has made us to his own intricate and perfect design.  Satan, who is evil, is doing everything to twist that design to convince us to reject God. In the battle over our sexual identity, Satan’s thinking is surely, if they believe they were born this way, then they will either blame God for the struggle and reject God in anger because they don’t conform to his design, or embrace the lie and live as if God affirms them?  Being aware that we are in a battle is essential (for our fight is not against flesh and blood… Ephesians 6:12).

The battle lines are drawn:

Satan’s mission – KILL, STEAL, DESTROY.  On the day of judgement, he wants us to be the ones to whom God says, “I never knew you”.  His mission will be complete, a generation of people who thought they were following Jesus, yet never surrendered their life to Him (or conversely a generation who were so angry with God for not affirming their sexuality, that they never bothered to get to know Him in the first place), lost in Hell for eternity.

Jesus’ mission – TO GIVE US LIFE IN ABUNDANCE.  Jesus is not only bothered about the day of judgement when he will welcome us into his presence for all eternity, but he cares about our life right now.  When we put our identity solidly in Jesus, when we recognise it’s not about me, the labels I wear, the life that I want, we can receive what is promised to us: peace, joy and eternal life.

There are many theories about why and how people become gay or trans and these are valid questions to ask.  But for me, I want to focus on the identity piece, because the truth is that some people do feel differently about their sexual or gender identity.  As Christians, we need to accept that these attractions and feelings are real and show grace and understanding for those who experience them.  What we should not do is embrace the lie that our feelings equate to identity and that we can embrace any identity outside of who God says we are.  Sometimes we need to agree to disagree; not everyone wants to know God’s truth, but we cannot afford to bend and compromise our beliefs to become like the world.

Satan’s goal is to undermine our identity as Christians and focus our minds on how the world defines us.  He tries to turn our heads and hearts to sin, and he wants us to embrace it as who we are, not what we do.  It sounds better doesn’t it, this is who I am, therefore I cannot change?  Rather than, this is what I do, and I can change.

Surrendering to God, means open access, allowing Him to speak into every part of your life.  If you are someone who believes you were “born gay”, would you accept the challenge to revisit the Bible, inviting the Holy Spirit to help you see what God’s design is for human relating?  I urge you to do this with an open mind and see how relationship with God is so holy and intimate.  I would love you to receive revelation of His immense love for you, yet his desire for you to only identify with who he made you to be.

If you are not a Christian, know that God has immense love for you, and desires relationship with you.  There is nothing preventing you from coming to Him right now, he loves you where you are and is waiting to reveal His heart to you.  Contact a local church, speak to a Christian friend, or email us if you would like to find out more about God and His love for you.





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