Launch of Smoke and Mirrors

I’m sure many Christians are dismayed at the amount of time spent on debating what God’s Word says about homosexuality, and how we as churches must respond to those who want equality in marriage.  This is a huge distraction for church leaders and while their focus is on this, their eyes are turned from our great commission, namely, to make disciples of all nations.  Rather, many leaders today are seeking to fill their churches with a watered down gospel that leaves people wanting.  They are prepared to buy into the lies and deceit of Satan because they are fearful of being counter cultural and speaking God’s truth.

As someone personally affected by what God says about homosexuality, someone who wrestled with Scripture and found a loud and clear answer, I have been fascinated by how rapidly the church has fallen. ‘How has Satan managed to confuse the Church so easily?’  The answer I believe is a form of ‘smoke and mirrors.’

‘Smoke and mirrors’, is the name given to an illusion associated with magicians.  They use a combination of smoke and mirrors to trick the audience into seeing something that’s not there, or not seeing something that is. Isn’t this Satan’s modus operandi?  He attacks the church with subtle deception and lies, and we are left with a church that fails to distinguish itself from the world, with members who fail to change their ways in obedience to God, and leaders who fail to teach Biblical truth.  The sad truth is that we now have a global Church which, in many instances, no longer displays God’s glory.

It starts with lies, those five small words found in Genesis, ‘Did God really say that?’

In Sarah’s latest book, Smoke and Mirrors, A Church Deceived over Sexuality, she explores this concept in much greater detail, contrasting the smokescreens of Satan (false doctrine, sexual temptation, bitterness, pride etc.) with the Holy smoke of God’s glory. We face a challenge, and like David, when he decided to bring the Ark of the Covenant home, we should earnestly desire the glory of God in our lives at all costs.

Our role as Christians is to reflect God’s holiness.  That means we must exhibit a love that is like the love of God; not proud, self-seeking, nor delighting in evil, but rejoicing in truth.  In comparison, Satan seeks to create an illusion, when we look at him, he wants us to see an angel of light, he wants us to see his ways as life giving.  The words of the prophet Isaiah are being fulfilled in our times, ‘Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!’
The book challenges you to consider whether you have cast God’s plans to one side in order to champion a ‘new and better way.’

You may find some of the chapters uncomfortable, but we cannot ignore the fact that the Church is being drawn away from God’s holiness, not just over sexuality, but in many other areas.  Idolatry has become common place.  Galatians 6:9 in the Passion Translation puts it well: ‘Don’t you know that when you allow a little lie into your heart it permeates your entire belief system?’

Launched on April 15, 2024, the book includes testimony of 11 individuals who have found freedom from homosexuality because of their surrender to Jesus.  Their testimonies are a powerful reminder of God’s glory and speak of overcoming not only the great sexuality deception, but idolatry and addiction.
Are you ready to be challenged to take a deep dive into your own beliefs and understanding of God’s Word.  Are you ready to surrender your thoughts to Christ, to be searched and known by Him and to self-audit, not just in this critical area of sexuality, but in all aspects of your faith?

Smoke and Mirrors, A church deceived over sexuality by Sarah Sedgwick is now available on Amazon from 15th April 2024.  Paperback £10 – Kindle Version £3.25 – all profits go to support the work of Transformed Ministries.





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