Truth triumphs over lies

I have the privilege as a fifty something year old to co-host our young adults zoom group.  As we work through the disciple course with them, I have had opportunity to reflect on the difference in environment that they were brought up in, compared to the world I grew up in some thirty years before them.  The chasm between the two worlds is vast, despite the time period being relatively short.  How did we get to this place where churches openly embrace homosexuality despite the very clear teaching in the Bible that this was never God’s design, and as such cannot bear fruit?

Because of this seismic shift in our culture, our children are growing up indoctrinated with “born this way” and “love is love” messages that are alien to the word of God.  These young adults have grown up believing that God made them this way and that the Bible has been misinterpreted for two thousand plus years.  If they chose to (and some did), they could attend rainbow church or churches that declare themselves to be inclusive, loosely interpreted as all are welcome and no sin will be challenged.

However it is my privilege to hear the stories of how these young SSA Christians have studied God’s word, sought his teaching, and in many cases overcome deep hurt and trauma to get to their place of freedom.  The passion in their eyes as they now discuss Jesus and all he has done for them is a delight to me, the father of lies now relegated to the trash can as they embrace truth, hope and the joy of their salvation.
Light overcomes darkness every time, truth triumphs over lies every time, Jesus is Lord!





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