If not you, then who?

Often the people who approach our ministry for advice on how to talk to their kids about sexuality and faith come to us too late.  The damage of the world already done, they are coming to us from a reactive stance, as their child has now announced their new-found identity in one form of sexual orientation or another. For a Christian parent, this is difficult to navigate.  We desire that our children will find relationship with God, we want them to receive God’s best, so when we hear them telling us about their new-found identity our first inclination is often to ask the wrong questions, or react in an over-the- top manner, that simply pushes them away, rather than drawing them close.

What if we were more proactive – starting conversations with our kids at an early age, normalising conversations about sexuality?  The media is saturated with images and situations that give us opportunities to talk and share a different perspective on what the world promotes.  If we are silent, then of course they will take their cues from the world, and that’s not a good place for them to be taught.
As Christian parents of SSA teenagers you need to recognise that experiencing SSA as a teenager is becoming more and more common, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to those feelings lasting into adulthood.  Who better to navigate these feelings with your child than you?  Where better for these teenagers to receive love and community than in their local church?  Your response now is immensely important, they need to know that you love them 100%, you are prepared to listen to them and that they are still welcomed in church.  

We are not saying lie to them or change your beliefs; but remember, Jesus told the adulterous woman to go sin no more, but he didn’t chase her down and try and enforce that.  He simply trusted that as he spoke that truth to her, she would think about it and over time receive conviction herself.
We encourage you to have conversations about sexuality and God with your teenagers before you find that they have been seduced by the world’s way of thinking and close themselves off from hearing the alternative and beautiful story of God’s plans for sex.

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