Wake up Church

There are still many churches who preach and uphold the word of God on sexuality; sadly far fewer than were doing so a decade ago. How do these churches remain aware of the “leaven” and protect themselves from being tainted by the false teaching that is so prevalent today?

One of the things that is essential is not to sit back and do nothing.  Members of our congregations live in the world and the world is doing its best to indoctrinate them with woke theology.  If we don’t equip our leaders and our members to understand same sex attraction (SSA) and how it sits with faith, there will inevitably be a struggle between worldly thoughts and the word of God.

That’s why here at Transformed Ministries we have provided some essential training videos for church leaders and pastoral carers.  Within these we cover a range of topics that will challenge you as you take a long hard look at yourselves to see if you are a spacious place for people to learn about faith and sexuality, without being a people who have flaky answers or incomplete theological understanding.
It’s time for the church to wake up and take a stance – no longer to be led by the world, rather to be world leaders as we bring the word of God back to prominence on topics that have too long been the domain of Satan.

One of our training sessions talks more about how we are being absorbed in the world by likening us to pickles.  The more we sit in the brine of the world, the more pickled we are likely to become.  Find out more by signing up for our leaders training